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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 15, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. live the park where a sheriff's deputy finds a body inside a car. we are learning how it could be connected to another crime. a fire near the carquinez bridge and now there is an arson investigation. well, it is so cold out there it hurts. it is very cold but there are signs of some warmer weather on the way. facebook is expected to make a big announcement today, we will tell you what all the hype is about and what is expected. complete news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, welcome to a
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brand-new day, use it january 15thth, i am dave clark. >> thank you for joining us this morning, steve is here and san francisco is warmer but they are usually the coldest, right? >> that is the coldest i can find but the marina is 309. this is -- 39. that is cold for the marina. it is just holding on and there are a lot of 20s and 30s this morning and now livermore is in there concord fairfield santa rosa, it will be slightly warmer around the bay with an east wind. here is sal. good morning, 101 approaching the 880 split and san francisco no major problems there also it looks good if you are driving on the san mateo bridge and heading out to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. right now crews from several fire agencies are putting out hot spots.
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it started shortly before 4:00 a.m. this morning along a vacant building in the city of crocket. ktvu channel 2 morning news bringing you pictures and they are calling this fire suspicious since nobody lives in that area. alex savage is on the scene getting some new information for us and he will have a live update in the next half hour. live in sonoma, a body found inside the car near a college campus. it was found right near petaluma university and what do you know now, tara? >> reporter: well authorities say the circumstances under which they found this body are suspicious. a deputy found the body inside of a parked car not too far from the sonoma state university campus. it was a gold colored older modeled sedan and initially it
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was found off petaluma hill road. initially it was in a no parking zone so the deputy noticed possible evidence inside the car. when he ran the license he found it something that happened friday. when he opened the trunk he found a body wrapped inside a blanket. deputies are not saying what exactly they saw and they are not saying what the crime was but they are looking for a person connected with that crime. they are not releasing anymore information right now but that could change later this morning and an autopsy is scheduled to be performed. live in in roaner park, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is a body that was found in order to escape
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police. anthony donaldson was stopped on suspicion of drunk driving and he jumped into the creek to run away. they found a body near kent field and we are expecting more answers as the investigation continues. in just a few hours you can trade guns for cash part of a first ever gun buy back there. organizers will pay 200 for semiautomatic guns and 100 for other guns. the event is open to people in marin, sonoma and contra costa counties. but you have to bring proof of residency. it is open from 7:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. also on the list, the larkspur facility and st. andrews in marin city and the point rays substation. president barack obama is now reviewing a series of
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policies on how to curb gun violence. one man is starting impeachment proceedings against the president. the house will take a vote on an extra $51 billion on helping the people of super storm sandy. one gives $17 billion in emergency funding. the other would include money for fema's disaster relief fun. conservatives are opposing this and they are saying some of that money will be used for things that have nothing to do with the storm or its victims. they are allowing a boat to stay in pete's harbor and some say they are not going anywhere. today is eviction day after the remaining boaters are there and some people say they need more time since their beaten jins are not working. the boat harbor is planning on
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building a private marina and they are considering whether part of the harbor should remain public. they are expecting answer announcement from facebook. joining us from menlo park with more on why it is a game of wait and see. a lot of rumors out there, though, janine de la vega? >> reporter: yes, that is right, we are here in front of facebook and a week and a half ago they changed it to this blue hand pointing forward which they launched last month andco incidentally, -- and coincidentally, it is a launch for a big announcement being made today. it was somewhat cryptic saying come see what we are building. they have plans to expand the menlo park campus and there are
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rumors they could unveil a smart phone but others say it is unlikely because mark zuckerberg said it would be the wrong strategy. there is speculation the company will unveil a social search engine to combine recommendations with other information. facebook could introduce a video chat for smart phones much like apple's space time. whatever the case they want to build anticipation and this invitation is very similar to apple's invitation to build up hype and we'll see if this lives up to the hype it is generating. that news conference where they are supposed to unveil something takes place at 10:00 a.m. this morning. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> sal, what is happening on highway 4?
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>> well in contra costa as the commute becomes more filled in, especially in antioch to pittsburgh, but here in bay point you can tell it is thicker and no problems are reported by chp nearby. also looking at the commute on the bay bridge, there is a little bit of a backup, nothing major and usually at 6:00 the metering lights go on and there are no problems on the bridge. we are seeing more traffic in the livermore valley coming in from the pass and by the time they reach dublin it will smooth out. we are back with 20s and 30s and yesterday we had a little bit of a breeze and that will hold temperatures up but our lows are colder this morning. not as cold and sunday and we have frost and freeze warnings, a mountain of high pressure. those of you who e-mail me, where is the ring. they see this pattern and the energy will take the path of
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least resistance and it is called uncutting. -- undercutter. that will be towards the end of the month and the pattern will change eventually but right now the pressure is definitely large and in charge and the temperatures are lower than in alaska, it is incredible. 32 calistoga, i'm sure there are colder temperatures not far, walnut creek is in the 20s pleasanton 27 lafayette 29 alameda 29. morgan hill and gilroy are in the 20s. around palo alto and menlo park i saw 28 or 29 degrees and it is very cold. foster city is 31 degrees and it is mostly sunny, you can see the direction of an offshore breeze and if it was summertime it would be very hot but
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because of that breeze it makes it really cool in napa county and contra costa county but even in oakland and santa cruz is 57 degrees. it will get a little warmer and our afternoon highs will start to come in and temperatures near the bay, low-to-mid 60s. 6:09, it is dangerously cold for the homeless. people delivered blankets in downtown san jose and they are worried about the dangers from fire and carbon monoxide. any die of devices filled with propane should never be used indoors. a florida professor is sparking outrage in newtown connecticut and across the
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country. some people are saying he should be fired. in san francisco, you are living on shaky ground. there are new concerns about whether it is safe to eat fish. researchers found after checking the air of fish eaters in eight countries. -- researchers found after checking the hair of fish heater in eight countries, we will have more on that stay tuned. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. some people are calling for a
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florida professor to be fired because of his controversial comments about the newtown connecticut shooting. he sparked controversy when he suggested on his blog that the massacre at sandy hook elementary school did not happen the way law enforcement said it did or may not have happened at all. he also criticized the media's coverage. >> i think the entire country mourned about sandy hook elementary school and yet once again, the institution never took place as far as i am concerned. >> reporter: is he no stranger to controversy and he doubts the y f k -- jfk assassination and aurora shooting. we are getting a look at last week's school shooting.
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witnesses say he walked into a science classroom at the school and shot another 16-year-old student in the chest. prosecutors say they will try him as an adult. the victim in the case is expected to recover despite suffering critical injuries. president barack obama is reviewing gun safety proposals for vice-president joseph biden and his panel. and the president could make an executive order by the end of this week. as kyla campbell reports, one republican congressman is threatening impeachment. >> reporter: dave people who support gun rights say president barack obama's support for gun orders threaten their rights. since the shooting in newtown connecticut many are vowing to make stricter gun laws and they will make an executive order meaning congress has no say. texas is starting to begin
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impeachment procedures to stop the president and vice- president joseph biden is expected to put through a new ban on weapons and universal background checks. but the president says it is not the same as taking citizens guns away. other gun advocates are creating fear and it is a good way to drum up business. >> even the slightest hint of some sensible responsible legislation in this area fans this notion that somehow here it comes and that everybody's guns will be taken away. >> reporter: and a new pole shows some tougher gun laws and i will break down the numbers when i see you next. kyla campbell in washington ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are now learning secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will testify about the u.s. consulate in
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libya. that is according to the foreign affairs committee. she will testify january 23rd about the raid that killed chris stevens and three other americans in benghazi. she was scheduled to testify last month but was not able to because of an illness. a previously private report found there are nearly 3,000 potentially unsafe buildings in this city housing many people. those buildings will likely crumbled during the earthquake however most of the buildings have not been verified in person by building inspectors. survivors lawsuits from the san bruins explosion will go to -- san bruno explosion will go to trial. 220 have agreed to settlements
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and they will come up with a process that could take 90 days to settle the remaining claims. a killing at a san francisco home last month, a preliminary hearing for ben thai luke. he is charged with the killing of three women and two men on march 23rd. luke has entered a not guilty plea. two students are facing drug charges after brownies and cookies laced with marijuana ended up on campus. two other students had to be treated at the hospital after eating those snacks. it happened yesterday in the community of newman. police arrested a 14-year-old boy who brought those marijuana brownies to school. two 15-year-old boys were accused of buying them and passing them out were also placed on arrest. most fish is contaminated
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with bad levels of mercury. the biodiversity research institute checked the hair samples of people in 8 countries. most of the hair samples were contaminated with levels of unsafe mercury. 80 percent of fish around the world is contaminated with mercury and high levels of mercury can cause both brain and kidney damage. right now 6:18 let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic, sal? right now we are looking at traffic moving around the bay area and it is getting more crowded and we are getting to the peak time of the commute and we are approaching the 880 split. no trouble on 280 or 80 getting into the city. they are backed up to the parking lot and still it's not a big delay but there is one now getting on to the bridge. in livermore it is busy
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especially on westbound 808 getting into level -- 880 getting to livermore. north bay 101 and 280 are still off to a good start. let's go to steve. well, just taking a look at some temperatures, 29 in crocket, there is a lot of 20s around. take your pick, santa cruz mountains menlo park, it is cold again, overnight low is anywhere from 20 to 40. big area of high pressure and it is building in sending in a few high clouds from land to sea offshore breeze but that cold air, you need more clouds or a westerly wind to budget out of here. maybe gradually we'll see a modification and it is going to stay cold and it's showing a south wind not here but all the way down to las vegas. 23 in las vegas by the way.
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walnut creek, livermore 28, concord 29, napa airport 28 and i have seen 26s around sonoma and napa. around novato i did see 27 around town and 28 degrees and redwood city says 26 but i have seen some upper 20s in the santa cruz mountains. partly cloudy skies in the sierra and we have an east breeze so areas to the east, i tell you it is tough to warm up but by the bay there is an offshore push and this helps the coast. although we are bumping up temperatures compared to yesterday. same thursday and friday and temperatures by the bay, inland temperatures will stay in the 50s. thank you steve. the numbers are in and the retail sector did better than expected. the biggest increase was in car sales an auto parts. those are up 1.6% overall spending, a lot of people at the malls, that was pretty good
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and it would have been good as gas prices had not slipped. they have 100,000 military vets in the next five years. next will work in distribution centers and retail said it will start offering jobs on memorial day in may. wal-mart is the largest private employer and of course the largest retailer. time now 6:21 obesity, soft drink makers, the new coca-cola ad that some people criticize. trying to keep the kings in sacramento. they are wrapping up season tickets in a new arena. jack!
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:24, the world's largest soda machine is getting criticism for a new marketing push. coca-cola using this two minute ad to suggest americans cut back on sugary drinks finding low or no calorie substitute. they -- substitutes but the
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doctor behind this calls it hip critical. >> well, they are trying to say coca-cola can be part of a healthy lifestyle and that's just not true. >> the doctors say one can of soda contains more sugar than you need for the entire day. they have released a sketch of a man responsible for a violent assault in the mission district. police say a man in this image grabbed a 31-year-old woman and slammed her head into the ground. this happened near 23rd near better remember row -- guerrero. he is described as 27, asian american and 160 pounds and
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again there is a sketch on the screen and he has a buzz cut and a slight beard. they are hoping a new grassroots effort can keep the team in california. here we buy gathering popular support. fans can pledge to buy season tickets with new owners, playing in a new arena in sacramento. so far more than 2300 people have pledged more than $8 million in tickets. let's see if that works. sal, how is the commute? okay, pam, we have had a couple of things and we are looking at the south bay first and traffic on 208 northbound -- 280 northbound looks good and 280 into the valley has been a nice drive getting into cupertino. westbound 580, we are seeing more slowed traffic and we are looking at southbound 680 which looks good through livermore
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and we will tell you more about that next time around, let's go to steve. it is another cold one out there, a lot more 20s than we had yesterday and our look at santa rosa, napa fairfield, concord and stanford, palo alto, menlo park, santa cruz mountains as well, we will have low-to-mid 50s, pam. under an investigation, a body was found inside the trunk of a car, we will have more on what investigators are saying about the case. a large pier goes up why a fire boat had to be called up and why investigators on the scene are calling this fire suspicious.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are rinking the bell on the nasdaq, lady until the middle, she is the ceo, she is also in that shark tank show, she is a tough one and they are relaunching their website so keep an eye on that. other stocks, i will have more on that coming up. >> all right, now you got me. i will be here. we will smile and say good morning to you, use it, january 15th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook time now 6:30. firefighters in crocket putting out hot spots in a big fire near the carquinez. it started along the waterfront in crocket. alex savage was the first reporter and he said investigators say this fire was suspicious. >> reporter: it started on a
6:33 am
pier which caught fire and that's why investigators believe it is suspicious. right now i want to give you a live look at the scene and we understand the wood on this pier is still smoldering and fire crews are still putting water on it as we speak. fire crews can't go onto the pier because it will collapse and that's why fire crews have been called in from pittsburgh. they are trying to get under the hot spots. on the intersection of jackson in crocket, that is where all of this is taking place. it started just around 3:00 a.m. this morning and the chief says it does appear to be suspicious because there is no electricity to that building and nobody living there. this was another fire on the same pier two years ago. they fought the fire defensively spraying water from the shoreline and they will likely have to monitor the fire
6:34 am
for some time. >> it appears the wood is treated with crease salt. -- creole salt. this is problematic and it is real heavy timber so it will burn for a while. >> reporter: and this pier fire did have an impact on the southern pacific and amtrak's train line. head to run hose lines across the tracks and at this point in fact we saw a train come by a few moments ago. there was another concern and that was this fire posing a threat to the nearby sugar factory. burning pieces of wood were actually drifting towards that waterfront facility and the folks had people out on the waterfront keeping an eye out for those burning pieces of wood. they will be here to investigate the fire and i asked the chief if transients were possibly camping out on
6:35 am
this pier and he said he does not have information to this but that's something he will certainly look at. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are learning new information about the oil tanker accident in the san francisco bay. the bar by lot made a last minute -- pilot made a last minute turn and the accident did take place in thick fog. the accident caused several millions of dollars in damage to the bridge and to the ship. sheriff's deputies are working to identify a body found inside of a car. the car was parked near petaluma hill road and tara moriarty is right at the park to talk about this investigation. tara? >> reporter: we are not too far from where the body was found inside of the car and authorities do confirm this
6:36 am
finding is suspicious. it was a gold colored older sedan near petaluma hill road. a deputy saw the car and noted possible evidence inside the car and he ran the license plates and discovered it was linked to a crime that happened friday. when he popped open the trunk he found a body wrapped inside a blanket. they are not saying what the crime was but they are looking for a person wanted in connection with that crime. we have been in touch with santa rosa police this morning but investigators have gone home for the night so we are hoping to learn more information later on in the morning. right now an autopsy is being performed. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are investigating a shooting that seriously injured one man which happened at 8:00 last night on crest avenue.
6:37 am
neighbors heard about 30 rounds from what sounded like an automatic assault rifle. the victim ran, he was found about a block away on ml1cl0cormick avenue and sun kiss drive. he was rushed to the hospital in stable and critical condition. so far nobody has been arrested. the mayor and chief are looking to stop the rise in violence. six people have been killed so far this year. police are blaming a lot of it on a feud between rival gangs when a woman was killed last summer. gangs are responsible for about 90% of the violent crimes in oakland. >> this group has become increasingly violent and they have grown in numbers and that's why it is difficult to get two pore three people. -- two or three people, there are multiple people involved. >> they want to declare a state of the emergency and the police
6:38 am
chief says that is not possible. he is already getting help from the chp and he is hoping to add 70 officers. former los angeles police chief william bradden is supposed to begin work next month. coming up why so many community document are protesting that move. the u.s. government will run out of money to pay its bills if congress does not raise the debt ceiling. president barack obama said congress needs to pay its bills but republicans want any bills paid to be tied to spending cuts. >> they have two choices, they can act responsibly and pay america's bills or they can act irresponsibly and put america through another economic crisis. and the gop is prepared for
6:39 am
a fight saying quote, the consequences of failing to increase the debt ceiling are real, but so too are allowing our spending problem to go unresolved. convenience stores will be busy today. people want to hit the new jackpot drawing, an estimated $62 million. on friday, somebody in orange veil matched all five mumps minus the mug did he -- five numbers minute news the meganumber giving them a $250,000 pay day. it is almost every wear and as a -- everywhere and as a matter of fact looking at highway 4 traffic is slowing down from bay point to concord. traffic is mostly slow and the only good news is we have not
6:40 am
had any major crashes but we have had our share of slow traffic on this stretch. traffic is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay as you back up to the toll plaza before you make it onto the bridge. we have also seen traffic coming out of the livermore valley on this stretch and coming into the livermore valley from the pass, it gets better by dublin though. let's go to steve. we have a breeze which is helping temperatures and even though this is not much consolation, it is still very cold. a little bit of high cloud deck coming over us and we have an offshore breeze and again if this was the summertime i would be saying, it is hot but because it is not, that cold air is really tough to bulging. temperatures have settled in a lot more 20s and frost and freeze warnings are out and there is just a bunch of 20s. a few temperatures are hovering
6:41 am
and we have an even 20 up in lake county and lakeport. high pressure is building north and you can see it sending cloud cover to the east of us and it filters over us and there is no change in our pattern. some warmer temperatures in is a alaska and in much of the west coast. even down into nevada and los vegas. lakeport 29, our observer, though phil has 24, i do believe and there are temperatures that are colder than this. i did see a 27 and a 29 in brentwood, pleasanton, lafayette, 29 degrees, san jose state 36. 20s for gilroy and morgan hill and woodside and palo alto foster city, i think i saw 33 in pearl game and that's -- pearl game and that's cold.
6:42 am
high clouds with that east breeze and it is going to be cold through the interior. a little bit warmer through berkeley and el cerrito, they are all 34 degrees. half-moon bay and santa cruz will go a warm 57. a little bit warmer each day as we go into the weekend and it looks like patch think fog but temperatures are getting back to the 60s. big mystery this morning, it is about facebook, the event that will start in just about a couple of hours and why there is so much buzz. >> and known as the international airport known as fso, we will tell you what it was once named after. good morning, 680 traffic, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. well, well, well.
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. it is cold, mostly chilly near the bay. good morning, here is a quick look at some of the top stories. right now fire crews in crocket are putting out hot spots, it happened not far from the carquinez bridge. it started at a vacant building along the waterfront and
6:46 am
investigators say this fire is suspicious since nobody lives in this area and there was another fire in this same area two years ago. investigators in sonoma county want to eye didn't few a body which was -- identify a body which was left inside the trunk of a car. they are not saying how that person died. they are reviewing information from vice-president joseph biden for new gun policy legislation. they are reviewing 19 steps that could be taken through executive action without having to go through congress. lawmakers in new york are expected to give their final approve to the toughest gun control laws in america. they will crackdown on large ammunition and high magazines. the bipartisan effort came in response to the newtown connecticut in sandy hook
6:47 am
elementary school one month ago. the national rifle association has set up a controversy with its new app. it is called n ra practice range and provides a virtual shooting gallery. the effort surprised a lot of people since n ra has been a strong critic against violent video games. menlo park based social company has members of the tech community guessing. last week facebook issued an invitation that included the line, come see what we are building. some say it will be a smart phone and some say it will be a search service. janine de la vega will join us from menlo park with a look at this announcement which is drawing attention from around the world. the oakland city council will draw on a contract to order as a consultant. the contract would pay him
6:48 am
$250,000 a year but some community groups are protesting the hiring of bradden saying he was responsible for harsh police policies in los angeles and in new york. protesters will rally at frank ogawa plaza for the oakland city council meeting. the deputy police chief will take over on an interim basis. he has been in charge of field operations. the city manager appointed him to take over as chief and days before the current police chief retires. chris moore will step down at the end of this week. city managers say they need more time to search for a successor. the san francisco police chief may be getting a name. live in san francisco with what is that possible new name and the reason for all of this,
6:49 am
brian? millions of passenger, they could be flying out, not just the national airport but by the end of the year it could be renamed harvey milk san francisco international airport. they will introduce information during that legislation to make that change. he became the first openly gay person and he was assassinated. they will have support from and later it will go on the ballot to let others have what they have to say be heard. some say the name is appropriate. >> i think that would be great, he is in san francisco history and i think it may help get it out there more and people will say oh, it is harvey milk and i think it is important that
6:50 am
people understand who he was and what he did for the city. >> this name change will help others and according to city officials they say it will cost between 50 to 20 $100,000. -- $200,000. >> getting closer to 7:00, here is a look at traffic, sal? it is getting busier as we get closer to the 7:00 hour and it is busy on the east shore freeway getting out to the mcarthur maze and once you get on to the bridge, there is a little bit of a backup about a 15 minute delay, not as bad as it has been. so it's not a bad day. the traffic in livermore has been slow as we pointed out but no problems getting into dublin so far no major problems reported there. let's go to steve. thank you sir and a very
6:51 am
good cold morning out there. there is a bunch of 20s from lake county down to the santa cruz mountains. high pressure is definitely hanging around here for the west coast maybe for a while and maybe towards the end of the month. some people e-mail me, where was that next range steve and it can happen this time of year. you get a lot of lead time and nothing will happen at least for the next 5 to 7 days. cold air is plunging to areas east of us. this means very mild temperatures for alaska and some of these temperatures, we are seeing a lot of 20s around here and even down to southern california and nevada and arizona. that east breeze, if you are inland, it is tough to warm up but by the bay not too bad. 56 berkeley and santa cruz 57
6:52 am
but when you start off around 57 degrees it's as good as it will get. lots of sunshine, high pressure, no sign of any rain, maybe some patchy fog by the weekend, but that's about it. thailand, the japanese country sold 9 million trucks last year and that's 400,000 more than general motors and toyota took the top spot in 2008. they continue to roll out surprises and including the first ever new car award. they will roll out the eagle jeep grant cherokee and it will have a 700-mile range between eureka and san diego. >> diesel, gee? well, recovering from a
6:53 am
really scary moment from larkspur, a redwood tree crashing down. lance arm strong's confession to oprah whimphrey, what she says about the interview after he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs.
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. welcome back to the nasdaq, dow jones industrial average is down and lou, lieu lemon, i guess you don't have yoga pants, their stock is down 7- point 5% on a disappointing outlook this morning. new this morning, oprah just confirmed that lance armstrong confessed, admitted using performance enhancing drugs when oprah interviewed him. armstrong was forthcoming after denying those charges for years. she said she asked him in detail about doping charges which followed him throughout his seven tour de france victories. that interview was broadcast in two hours and it will now be in two parts because there is so much to hear. they are safing for -- searching for an inmate who escaped from the correctional facility near lakeport sunday
6:57 am
night. you can see in this picture, he hazardous continuation -- has distint neck tattoos. he was supposed to serve time in state prison but was sent to jail to reduce inmate population. he is due in an east bay courtroom. he is facing charges of marijuana for sale and is also facing animal cruelty charges. the animal was found very sick when it was guarding marijuana inside a contra costa home. a redwood tree suddenly toppled over knocking out power and the tree came crashing down to power lines and a house
6:58 am
about 11:30 yesterday morning. one person was inside that home but fortunately they were not hurt. santa rosa planned a second day on strike for their hospital. nurses are strike over staffing levels, salaries and contributions to their healthcare plans. nurses at petaluma joined in support. they called in replacement workers and they say patient care will not be affected. coming up on 7:00 today, it marks what would have been dr. martin luther king, jr.'s 34th birthday and they will celebrate the birthday on monday. they will celebrate in his honor. he was assassinated several years ago when he was just 30 years old. dave, pam, it is getting more crowded.
6:59 am
we are pushing up on 7:00 and there is nothing unusual and the good news is we don't have any problems on the span. we are seeing traffic on 1010, 28 -- 101, 280 and 85 and things are looking good in the northbound direction. let's go to steve. another cold, cold morning, a lot more 20s than we had yesterday and it will be mostly sunny and temperatures are cold even on the coast except for a few high clouds, it will be chilly inland and slightly warmer by the bay. thank you steve, coming up on mornings on 2. they were first on the scene at the carquinez bridge, why investigators believe this was no accident. also why the area's biggest airport may soon have a new name. stay right here with us.


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